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I have been asked countless times if I can make small objects to decorate a home or give to a loved one. Despite the many ideas for lighting and complements, I had shied away from exploring them because our craftsmen were busy making furniture and large scale installations.

As the years went by, however, I met many friends and students who wanted my help in developing new and exciting ideas for home accessories and complements. I could not resist the chance to work with people who loved design, to turn our ideas into reality, and bring all of these wonderful concepts to market. 

Thus the idea of KCurated was born. 

All of the unique and personal objects here are crafted by hand, made with with attention to detail, and handpicked by me. We envision many of these pieces will become classics. A few of these pieces are made in very limited runs and available only for a specific amount of time. 

We brought these online to make these unique designs more accessible to you. 

Enjoy browsing through. 

We look forward to be part of your home.

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