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  • Bubble

    Moonlight, so bright
    Casting an umbra of shadows
    On a starry night 


    In a fish bowl, he swims
    Flapping his golden tail 
    Thinking he’s a whale!


    His name is “Bubble” 
    And he lives in a bowl 
    He tumbles in water 
    Over and over


      Materials: Maple wood, Aluminum mesh, LED


      Width: 23 cm | 9"


      Depth: 23 cm | 9"


      Height: 40 cm | 15 3/4" 


      Item Weight: 0.36 kg | 0.79 lbs


      Packaging Weight: 2.5 kg | 5.5 lbs


      Packaging Volume: 0.030 m³

    Color: Aqua Blue
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